UTR Application

Quick and Easy UTR Number Application

What is a UTR Number?

A UTR Number is a ten digit number issued directly by HMRC in the post. A UTR Number is issued for individuals, limited companies, and other types of organisations.

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    What Is A UTR Number?

    A UTR (unique taxpayer reference) is a 10-digit number unique to each and every UK taxpayer issued by HMRC. UTR numbers are issued to individuals, companies, partnerships, trusts and other types of organisations.

    The main reason you need a UTR number is for completing self-assessment tax returns – but there are additional reasons to such as:

    • CIS (construction industry scheme) tax rebate registration.
    • Working with accountants or other financial advisors. Providing your UTR number to your accountant allows them to submit tax returns & tax rebates on your behalf.
    • For financial institutions such as banks & building societies in order to co-operate with anti-money laundry regulations.

    Without a valid UTR number, your self-assessment tax return cannot be submitted and this can result in a potential fines from HMRC.

    If you are self-employed and have not notified HMRC you may encounter large fines and potentially criminal prosecution.

    Therefore it is important to notify HMRC you have gone self-employed once you have obtained your UTR Number and registered for CIS (Construction Industry Scheme).

    How to Get a UTR Number?

    UTR numbers are issued by HMRC, but as specialised HMRC agents, we can arrange to order this number on your behalf. Simply complete the form above and we will be in touch in regards to the status of your application. It is important to note that HMRC issue the number directly to yourself and we submit information on your behalf. It is vital that the information be correct in order for the application to go through.

    To help with your UTR application, we will send some information in the post, including an agent authorisation form (64-8). This will help us identify any problems with HMRC that may arise during your UTR Number application. It is important that you complete the form to the best of your ability providing all correct information and return it using the envelope enclosed.

    The UTR number service we offer is free of charge, but we hope that you will consider using ourselves to help you with the completion of your annual Tax return and related accounting services. We help many people across the UK get very sizeable Tax rebates going back for up to four years. Some of our larger Tax rebates have been over £10,000 in value.

    Who Needs A UTR Number?

    A UTR Number is a ten digit code issued by HMRC and it’s used to uniquely identify yourself within HMRC and their relevant Tax departments. Your UTR Number is therefore similar to a National Insurance number and once you have been issued with one, it will most likely be the same for life. UTR Numbers are issued to the following types of entities:

    • Sole traders
    • Partnerships
    • Limited companies
    • Trusts
    • Charities
    • Other organisations such as clubs

    For the application, we will collect data and submit the application on your behalf. HMRC will issue your UTR number in the post and the application could take anywhere up to six weeks.

    Lost UTR Number

    If you have lost your UTR number, then you should be able to retrieve this from past documents or notices from HMRC, i.e. a Tax return reminder, or Tax statement. You can also call HMRC to get your UTR number over the phone, but during the Covid 19 pandemic, call waiting times have been extended.

    CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Registration

    If you are working in Construction, in addition to registering for a UTR Number, you will also most likely need to register for CIS. This will be to avoid paying higher rate Tax at 30%, but instead at the reduced rate of 20%. Registering for CIS is straight forward but can only be done once you have your UTR Number. CIS Registration is carried out by HMRC and can be done immediately on the phone.

    Once you are registered for CIS, the contractor paying you should be able to validate your CIS status and apply the reduced Tax rate of 20% which will be active on your next payslip. Please keep your payslips safe as these will be required to validate your CIS Tax Rebate at the end of the Tax year.

    If you work in the Construction Industry. Please let us know whether this is something that you require assistance with.